Lulu Pierre's Boho Locs- A Product Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

The giveaway is now closed as of April 27th! But keep reading for my take on Boho Locs! 


Now, the review...

My friend Andrea turned me on to these locs a few months back, and I was admittedly nervous about anything to do with crochet. I attempted a regular crochet style on my hair four years ago, and it took me ALL DAY. I didn't know what the heck I was doing, and ended up with a mess that was pretty on the surface and a tangled disaster underneath. 

She convinced me to try out these crochet locs and swore up and down that it would be easy. And...


I did the most basic braid pattern possible, and had a head full of Short Bronde Boho Locs within a span of 4 episodes of Chopped. I'm approaching a week right now, and I appreciate the fact that they look lived-in and not overly shiny like some faux locs tend to be. 




You have SO MANY locs left over. Lulu Pierre (the creator and owner of the Boho Locs brand) says confidently in most of her videos that the kits are designed so that you have more than enough left over for touch-ups, and the locs can often be reused if that's something you're into! When my locs were delivered, I received an email full of videos and detailed step-by-step instructions breaking down everything from natural hair prep before the install, the installation itself, maintenance, and takedown. I had absolutely no excuses after all of those videos. It's like Lulu KNEW I would get those locs and try to back out because I was afraid to try. I felt like she was cheering me on and whispering an enthusiastic "YASSSSS, SIS!" when I was done installing them! LOL

Want access to those same materials?

Then go ahead and buy your own set of Boho Locs now while her Pre-Sale event is still going on. AND if you win an extra set of Boho Locs on top of that, then you have your next hair looks for months to come! 

I'm already eyeing my next set. New hair, who dis? 

 Imagine 'Yonce and Nick's "Feelin' Myself" playing in the background. That's how I felt in this pic!

Imagine 'Yonce and Nick's "Feelin' Myself" playing in the background. That's how I felt in this pic!