Quarterly Thrift Challenge: You Want In?

Hey Y'all!

Remember that blog post I wrote a few weeks ago about thrifting like you have some damn sense? Well, I brainstormed with a couple of ladies from The Fashionable 1s to bring you the group's first QUARTERLY THRIFT CHALLENGE! 

#f1sthrift25 (4).png


1. Spend $25 or less

2. Document your thrifting experience via video or Instastory, making sure to tag @thefashionable1s in the process.

3. Include an image of your receipt within the video/Instastory.

4. Post a pic of your final look using the hashtag #f1sthrift25.

5. Must follow @thefashionable1s on Instagram and tag the account in your final look Instagram post.


The final deadline for posting your final look and Instastory is June 21st, 2018


We want all of you to get a glimpse into why we take thrifting so seriously, and how you really can pull a look together with that money you found floating around in the bottom of your bag. I hope you keep your thrift hand strong, because some of the folks joining in are guaranteed to give you a run for your money...